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Grow your wealth with Wine & Whiskey. Diversify beyond the stock market and watch your money get better with age.

Vinovest offers a unique and comprehensive approach to investing in wine, differentiating itself significantly from the traditional method of buying and storing wine independently. The platform leverages the knowledge of seasoned sommeliers, along with various metrics — such as secondary market pricing, age and critic scores — to help investors create a personalized wine portfolio. A key feature is also the continuous valuation of your wine portfolio. Vinovest provides regular updates on the value of your holdings, with daily information on your investment’s performance. Storage and security are also central to Vinovest’s service. The wines are stored in bonded warehouses to ensure optimal wine preservation and maturation conditions. Additionally, Vinovest offers proof of ownership through certificates and regular audits, adding a layer of authenticity and legitimacy to the investment. This is coupled with insurance coverage.

  • 01. Investment Year: 2023
  • 02. Sector : Fintech
  • 03. Stage : Platform
  • 04. Website : www.vinovest.com