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The largest female digital sales force in latam.

Meet Logra.io. Logra is an intelligent platform that helps SMBs in LATAM to solve their daily challenges and achieve better results, with growth tactics to implement. Logra guides its users step by step with a friendly and intuitive workflow focus on help the day by day of their companies.

¿Why we invested?
Investment Memo
Logra.io is addresing a big opportunity for SMB in Latam, because they need help, orientation and tactis in order to grow their businesses and most of them is very hard to find!
Ianis is a strong mission-driven entrepreneur who knows very well the market and knows how to address a quick solutions for SMB´s. Already has on his arks a prior exit so the level of leadership and execution Ianis will insert in Logra.io team, we are pretty sure that will be the best.
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  • 01. Investment Year: 2021
  • 02. Category : SaaS B2B
  • 03. Stage : Pre-Seed
  • 04. Website : logra.io